Where creativity meets technology

Welcome to The Hive, a vibrant and exciting hub In London that thrives on a dynamic ecosystem. Here, imaginative individuals unite as a close-knit community to discover and embrace fresh ideas and cutting-edge technologies.

It's an inclusive and enriching experience that brings like-minded people together, inspiring them to connect, engage, and collaborate with one another.


The Hive is a vibrant hub where collaboration flourishes and creativity soars. Step into our co-working space, where imaginative minds come together to inspire, learn, and grow collectively. With a range of workshops, networking events, and a nurturing community, you'll find the ideal eco system to fuel your creative journey. 

The Hive offers a dynamic environment with dedicated work spaces, podcast studios, vodcast studios, green screens, editing studios, photography studios, virtual production suites, and meeting rooms. Whatever your creative pursuits are, we have state-of-the-art facilities to support your vision.

Photography StudiOS

White Infinity Cove or Green Screen
Godox AD400 Flash
Godox AD-S85W White Softbox
Hotshoe Adaptors
265cm Light Stand
Camera Tripod
5x Reflector Types
Various Gel's for lighting
Additional lighting and sound packages

PodCASt StudioS

Soundproof Studios
4x Rode Podcasting Microphones
3x Sony Alpha A6400
Zoom L-8 Podcast Mixer
Black Magic Video Switchers
Godox VL300II LED Video Light
RGB Tube Lighting
3x Adjustable Height Tripods
3x 16-52mm Lens
Additional Lens options
Air conditioning

Virtual Production

Uni-lumen Volume (3.2m x 1.7m)
1x High Spec Production PC
Suitable for Unreal Projects and Video or Photography Plates
Sony FS7 Camera
Lens Options
Fluid Head Tripod
MARS Vive Tracking System
Table top (Optional)
Additional lighting, sound and technicians are available.

Music & ADR Studios

Sound Treated Studio
Mac M1 Computer (Dual Monitor)
Logic Pro, Ableton and Pro Tools Intro
Professional Vocal Chain - AKG 414XL II
Selection of Instrument Microphones
UAD Apollo + Stereo Monitoring
Range of DSP Audio Units - Pultec, LA2A, Antares Autotune, 1176...
8 way headphone amps
10x Focusrite Mic Pre's
Digital Upright C. Bechstein Piano
Fender Jazz Bass
Marshal Tube Guitar Amp
Soft seating for 6 people
Available with or without engineer

Video Editing & Colour Grading

Dedicated Resolve Studio
Dolby PRM-4200 Graded Colour Monitor
Tangent Wave Colour Wheel Controller
Black Magic Resolve Speed Editor
Dedicated Scopes Monitor
High Performance PC
Cross Studio I/O Connectivity
Stereo Speaker Monitoring
2x Editor Chairs
2x Client Seating
Colour treated room with bias lighting
Editor's available

Meeting Rooms & Event spaces

Meeting rooms

Private room
Round table
Seating for 4 people
Mounted TV

Large boardrooms available for
seating up to 8 people

Hive Events
Event space with up to 100 capacity, livestream enabled and catering optional.


All our memberships include the following:

  • Creators lounge / Soft seat breakout space / Coworking space / Auditorium
  • Unit 16 – café breakout space
  • Access to purchase refreshments
  • Up to 50% site-wide discount across The Hive locations only – not inclusive of the wider campus

In addition you'll receive:

  • First month of membership 24 credits (credits expire after 30 days)
  • 12 credits per month (month 2 onwards – credits can be carried over for max. 60 days)

In addition you'll receive:

  • First month of membership 48 credits (credits expire after 30 days)
  • 24 credits per month (month 2 onwards – credits can be carried over for max. 60 days)

In addition you'll receive:

  • First month of membership 48 credits (credits expire after 30 days)
  • 24 credits per month (month 2 onwards – credits can be carried over for max. 60 days)
  • Company registered address at Garden Studios
  • Will be referred to as being “on the lot”
  • Postal address
  • Listed on our website
  • Be included in the Reel Park Royal collective.
  • Be included in our preferred vendor list given out to all productions.

Credits for all memberships can be used for booking the green screen, photography studio, podcasting studio, content rooms, office space, storerooms, meeting rooms, and the VP training suites.

Why Bee a MEmber of THE Hive

The HIVE fosters a new way for creative people to produce content, learn from peers and grow their own brand.
Expand Your network

Through shared space, regular events, and access to other partners on the Garden Studios campus, you will expand your network and grow your business.

Flexible and affordable

We offer flexible packages that will give you access to the latest technology all sent in a creative environment in London.

Increased creativity

Collaborating with others can stimulate creativity and inspire new ideas that may not have been considered otherwise.

Central location

By working from The Hive you will be conveniently located in North West London and integrated into the greater Park Royal creative community.